International Hydraulic and Engineering Cluster embraces enterprises of hydraulic and engineering trade.


An offer


Cluster activities supporting intended goals and offered to every member:
1. Mutual, effective and successful gaining of external financing for functioning of IHEC partners.
2. Taking up mutual initiatives.
3. Open and mutual experiences sharing.
4. Gaining new qualifications, co-specialization
5. Promoting its own centres
6. Mutual, basing on relations between partners, establishing direct contacts.
7. Realization of ventures on greater scale
8. Supporting each other on ventures
9. Motivating and sharing ideas in all designing phases
10. Establishing new contact followed with cluster growth
11. Consulting in the scope of:
- matching trade partners, business institutions and local governments in the form of a cluster
- quality management systems
- energy efficiency [energy audits]
- risk management in a company
- knowledge and technology transfer on Business-Science-Business level to universities

12. Organization and active participation in conferences, seminaries, and forums
13. Organization and active participation in fairs, exhibitions and economic missions
14. Cooperation between clusters, good practices and experience exchange, searching and creating new technologies, supporting in national and foreign communication. The support when entering international market.
15. Creating regional and beyond regional platform of knowledge and information exchange in cluster politics, trade declarations and data bases.
16. Cooperation of coordinators and clusters organizers as well as cluster agreements.

Due to realization of cluster goals new investments in the IHEC growth are being planned. Thanks to the improvements in production processes and consulting competences development of each cluster partner, an independence in production processes in the scope of control hydraulics as well as increasing its quality and total control of the whole process will become possible. The effect intended means considerable growth in competitiveness of the enterprises on the international market.

You are welcome to fill in the application form and join the IHEC. 


The activity of International Hydraulic and Engineering Cluster formalized 28.08.2012

The activity of International Hydraulic and Engineering Cluster has been formalized by signing The Cluster Agreement by Founder Members Turing which Cluster Board Has been appointed. What is more, ...

An Award for M.Monti, Prime Minister of Italy, for his activities in the scope of improving country’s finance. 27.06.2012

The members of IHEC along with TAP were invited to express their opinion and participation in awarding M.Monti, Prime Minister of Italy for his activities In the scope of improving country’s ...